Circle of Prayer and Love

Circle of Love and Prayer
Our Prayer/Devotion Chair Ann Merrick introduced the Daughters at Assembly to plans for a Diocesan Daughters "Circle of Love and Prayer". This will be a way to uphold one another via a cycle of prayer around the diocese.
Chapter Presidents are encouraged to contact Ann with the date your chapter was founded, the name of your chaplain, and any special events coming up.
All of this info will be formed into a Prayer Circle/Cycle that with Christ at the center will draw us closer together which Ann will share with all chapters via email and on this blog.  
At the suggestion of the Anne & Joachim Chapter in Farmington, we are working on a way to make this page more interactive and up-to-date. This is a first try at this: Add prayers via the interactive form at the bottom of the page.  You can access all the prayers submitted, here.

The idea of a DRG Prayer Journal that would travel from chapter to chapter is also being considered. 

You can also contact Diocese of the Rio Grande Pres. Cindy Davis to add prayers to this page.

Special Prayer Requests 
Discernment for a Chapter in Chama

Chapters struggling with decreasing membership or disbanding in the Diocese, Province, and Nationally.

Diocesan Daughter at Large and Jr. DOK Chair Positions

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