July 7, 2012

On the National DOK Website you can see photos and articles about Trienniel, just completed, and the new National board. Our Diocesan President Sandy Martin attended as did other Daughters from the Diocese.

 (The Executive Board members are: Pam Runyon, National President; Jen Mariano, 1st Vice-President; Missy Denney, 2nd Vice-President; Susan O'Brien, National Secretary; Annemarie Delgado, National Treasurer; one more appointed position TBA; Bishop Romero, National Chaplain; and Grace Sears, Advisor.
The National Council Chairs are: Emily Thrasher, International Chair; Susan Keith, Junior Daughters; Ann Holmes, Royal Cross Editor; Chesley Vohden, Daughter-At-Large Chair; Mariana Bauman, TBA; Christine Budzowski, TBA; Metro Griffith, TBA; Viviana Young, TBA; Patsy Thomson, TBA.
The Province Presidents are: Donna Abramov, Province I; Janet Papa, Province II; Laura Richards, Province III; Lindy Kirk, Province IV; Pam Sebura, Province V; Lyn Zolman, Province VI; Brenda Amos, Province VII; and Carrie DaCosta, Province VIII.)

Remember to pray for your National Board and offer thanks for a blessed Trienniel:
Most Holy Triune God, our hearts praise songs of praise and thanksgiving for the amazing abundance of Your love and blessings poured out upon us during the recent Triennial gathering of our Order. Your gracious providence opened wide the space for joy, much prayer, laughter, the fruit of countless hours of hard work, shared gifts and talents, and connections of the heart that words cannot convey. We see no boundaries. We are grateful for those Daughters and friends in attendance and for the countless others who were with us in spirit and prayer. Now give wise, loving and discerning hearts as we move into a new Triennium, grateful for the past leadership and hopeful under the guidance of those newly-elected to the National Council. we pray that Your will might be perfected through each one of us for what lies ahead. May we delight in Your way, dance with Your Holy Spirit and continue to spread your boundless love throughout your world. Amen.