February 26, 2017

Be in Prayer for the Bishop Search

All Daughters of the King are encouraged to be in prayer for the call of the next Bishop of the Diocese of the Rio Grande. The Diocese has provided a simple litany (written by DOK Kathleen Pittman of Roswell) that can be used. You can download this info from the Diocesan website or as a document here to distribute to chapter members and others in your parish.

Prayer for Seeking a New Bishop for The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande
Holy and Almighty God our Father, You have blessed us in the Diocese of the Rio Grande in manifold ways over the past years. You have strengthened us, united us, loved us, guided us.
We thank you, Lord.
Touch the hearts of able clergy men and women throughout the Episcopal Church so that they might hear your call upon their lives to do your work among us and with us and through us.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with our Diocesan Bishop Search Committee that they will discern your will in choosing good candidates who will be elected by the diocese to be our future Bishop.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with our Diocesan Transition Committee as they guide us in blending our lives and our ministries with that of our new Bishop in order that we move forward in our life together.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with us all. Give us patience and trust as we seek a new shepherd for our diocese. Be with us, Lord, for the sake of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Standing Committee

Rev. Paul Moore (Pres.)  
Dr. Kathleen Pittman       
The Rev. Rod Hurst        
Paula Mote                       
The Rev. Dan Tuton        
Christine Johnson          

Search Committee

Lay Co-chair                     Roy Benavides
Chaplain to the Process The Rev. Don Heacox
Northeast Deanery          Heather Leibman, Rev. Catherine Volland, Rev. Jim Gordon
Northwest Deanery         Jack Sloan, Beth Noland (also Clergy Co-chair), Victor Rizzo
Southeast Deanery          Jerry O'Dette, Rev. Beverly Moore-Tasy, Rev. Suzanne Brockmeier
Southwest Deanery         Paul Thomason, Rev. James Brzezinski, Patrick Lamb

Transition Team

Clergy Co-chair               The Rev. Scott Ruthven
Lay Co-chair                     Cindy Davis

Team Members TBD