January 9, 2016

Daughters of the King in 2016

The Order of the Daughters of the King is an international sisterhood of women and girls who take life-long vows of prayer and service. There have been chapters of the Daughters of the King even before there was a Diocese. The St. Agnes Chapter at the small church that is now the Cathedral of St. John was founded in 1896, only 4 years after the church was established. This was also only 11 years after the Daughters were founded in New York City!
Other chapters followed across the (then) Missionary District. Throughout the decades, Daughters have been prayer leaders in their parishes, offering service to their church, community, and priest. 
The most recent chapter, Daughters of Hope at St. Matthew’s, Los Lunas continues that tradition by providing a clothing ministry to those in need in Los Lunas. The Daughters of Hope presented the Very Rev. Robert Mundy with the chaplain’s cross for the chapter on the First Sunday of Advent, which happened to be the ninth anniversary of his becoming rector at St. Matthew’s.
Throughout 2016, Daughters will be celebrating their history, heritage, and future. This will culminate at the Daughters of the King Assembly at Good Shepherd, Silver City on August 5-6. Interested women and girls are invited to Tea on August 5 with Daughters from around the diocese, at Good Shepherd Church.
There will be other opportunities to meet and learn about Daughters, too, including an Ice Cream Social on May 14 at St. James’, Taos and an informal gathering in El Paso. Watch for information about this and other events!

If you have questions about Daughters of the King, contact diocesan president Cindy Davis, or your parish priest. 

January 2, 2016

This is The Year I purpose for DOK---

2016. This is The Year
I purpose for DOK in the DRG:
Embrace Growth

Engage in Change
Be Available to God
Believe in God's Work
Break Free
Daily Pray
Do New Things
Let Go of Control
Learn Blessing
Live Fully
Give of Self

Grow in Grace
With credit to Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience