December 17, 2014

Daughters Serving at Christmas

Every year the Daughters of the St. Anne Chapter at St. Mary's Episcopal in Albuquerque collect "Woolies" for Chelwood Elementary students. The school is just across the street from the church, making the partnership a natural fit.

What is a 'wooly' you might ask? It's any nice warm item that the children can wear, like scarves and hats and gloves.
This year a total of 87 hats, 26 pairs of gloves, 2 scarves, 72 pairs of socks, 12 hat/glove sets, 1 hat/glove/scarf sets, and 6 hat/scarf sets were collected. The 'Wooly Tree was completely covered by the donations which cascaded down to the floor.
Other chapters in the diocese are encouraged to share their service ministries so we can post them here!
Watch, in 2015, for information from the new Service Chair of the diocese about ideas she has gathered from chapters.