November 15, 2015

Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange, plus Lilliput House Sale

Christmas Party & Cookie Exchange!
December 5: 11AM
Cathedral (318 Silver SW, ABQ)
For: Anyone interested in learning more about the Daughters of the King. and esp., current Daughters of the King!
What? Lunch by the St. Agnes Chapter & Cookie Exchange (bring a couple dozen cookies-or just a container to take home some cookies) 
The Cathedral Gift Shop and Bible Room will be open, plus a selection of Lilliput Houses will be for sale.
Invite a friend to come and enjoy the fellowship, and learn a little about DOK. RSVP to Linda or Cindy by November 30.

November 10, 2015

Purpose of a Chapter meeting

Fr. Mike Gemignani, Prov. 7 Chaplain, noted in his blog: 
"I recently taught a session for prospective Daughters that included the component on the purpose of the Order.  The DOK training manual states that the purpose of the Order is evangelism.  I pointed out that in my long experience with the DOK, most Daughters, and I myself, consider the primary purpose of the Order to be prayer.  I wanted a DOK chapter at my church in Freeport so that the Daughters would pray for me and St. Paul's.  The prayer list has always been of great import to any chapter.
 But prayer is not an end in itself.  Prayer should intimately express our relationship with God.  Prayer should open us to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, and help us become channels of God's love and power in the world.  A Daughter should engage in a life of prayer and loving obedience to the Rule as a means to continuing growth in holiness, to open herself more to the work God must do in her to bring her to union.  In other words, the ultimate purpose of the Order is to help Daughters grow spiritually, to help them move toward union.
 Therefore the chapter meetings should somehow further this purpose.  The chapter meeting should encourage, challenge, and support a Daughter in spiritual growth and hold her accountable to fidelity to the Rule because it is the Rule that is intended to be the instrument of this growth."
What are your thoughts about this?How does your chapter encourage, challenge, and support your Daughters? Does the prayer of the Order lead to evangelism?
Can this logo from Triennial 2012 offer inspiration for praying and evangelizing?