May 15, 2016

Ice Cream Social in Taos=Great Fun

On Saturday May 14, about 20 Daughters of the King and women interested in the Order met for ice cream and fellowship at St. James Episcopal Church in Taos.
Guests from Santa Fe and Albuquerque were warmly welcomed by the ladies of the Santiago Chapter. An assortment of ice creams and toppings were the highlight of the gathering which also included a short talk by Diocesan President Cindy Davis. She compared DOK to an ice cream sundae with Christ as the bowl, filled with scoops of Prayer and Service Ice Cream as well as the topping of Evangelism that overflows in the lives of Daughters. Cindy also gave a short report about the recent Prov. Assembly in Ft. Worth.
The next big event for Daughters of the King in the Diocese will be Assembly 2016 in Silver City on August 5-6. We will celebrate 120 years of Daughters in the diocese and look ahead to our future.