Who are the Daughters of the King

 We are a diverse membership of women seeking to follow the Rules of the Order: Prayer and Service, esp. to women and girls.
We serve at the altar and we serve in the community through food banks and other outreach.
We are active in church activities and in the workplace and home.
We are students, mothers, lawyers, administrative workers, wives, teachers, and many other titles.
We are most completely Princesses-Daughters of the King (of Kings) and beloved by our Father. 
We are women and girls from age 7-107 who seek to be faithful Christian women.
Each of us is led in our calling by our Lord and Savior and inspired by the motto of the Order:

For His Sake
I am but one, but I am one
I cannot do everything,
But I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
What I ought to do,
By the Grace of God, I will do.
Lord, what will you have me do?

St. Michael's Angels Chapter; Fr. Joe; Cindy Davis, Diocesan President; and other Daughters at the Chapter Installation on April 29, 2017. 

All interested women in the Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Anglican Communions are welcome to join the Order. Click on the Chapters tab to find a church and chapter near you.

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