June 16, 2013

Dues and News

Registration info for the August 2-3 Assembly at All Saint's, El Paso is on its way to you and available here. 

The Theme for Assembly is "...and We Pray". Our speakers will be the Rev. Melinda St. Clair (Rector All Saints) and Sister Emily Louise! There will be a (short) business meeting and interesting retreat time. We are starting on Friday evening in hopes that more of our working Daughters can attend without having to take as much time off.

If you haven't already signed up for the monthly National DOK email Newsletter: Cross Links, you should do so! This month features information about our International Daughters. The Newsletter is a great way to keep up with National happenings between the Quarterly issues of the Royal Cross! There's a link on every page of the National website. Just enter your email address.

Looking forward to seeing you all in El Paso!

And-It's that time of year again. Chapter Presidents and Treasurers will be collecting Dues!

Remember the annual dues is $40 for this fiscal year. (Jr. Daughters are still $15.) Dues should be paid by mid summer, so your chapter can be current at the start of the Fiscal year: September 1!

You MAY pay your dues online. For Chapter members it is probably easiest to give your Chapter Pres. or Treasurer a check so one check can be sent in with everyone's payment. If you do pay online, be sure to inform your Chapter Treasurer so they can mark you paid on the list!

If you have missed a year (or 2) of dues, you can become current by paying the $40 this year. When you become 3 years past due, there's a new 'reinstatement' process that has to happen before you can be officially a Daughter again. So, it pays to pay! The By Laws say: When a Daughter has not paid her dues for two fiscal years (the fiscal year runs from Sept 1- Aug 31) she is dropped from the records at the National Office. For the purposes of the reinstatement bylaws, "not in good standing" means "dropped from the membership records." Your Chapter President has a list of who the National office shows as in danger of being dropped for non-payment.

Dues Abatement: There's some confusion about this new piece of the Bylaws. Here's what the Bylaws say: Chapter Relief Status: Upon reaching the age of 85 a Daughter may apply through her chapter or diocesan assembly president for relief of the obligation to pay dues. Upon approval of her application she would be relieved from paying national, provincial and diocesan dues for the remainder of her life. NOTICE it is MAY APPLY THROUGH CHAPTER or DIOCESE. The part not spelled out is that this is not automatic and that it should be used ONLY for Daughters who really have financial issues. If everyone who's 85 uses the offer, our Daughter's coffers will soon be empty.

Did you know that the Diocese gets $10/paid Daughter? We have 330+ Daughters in the Diocese of the Rio Grande. If everyone pays, that gives us $3300/year to use for things like grants, which are voted on at Diocesan Assembly.