August 30, 2016

Telling the Daughters of the King Story for the next 120 Years

The Order of the Daughters of the King is a vibrant, international, ecumenical Sisterhood of women and girls who seek to live out their Baptismal vows in relationship with Christ and each other, through the shared disciplines of Prayer and Service and Evangelism to women and girls. There have been chapters of Daughters of the King in the Diocese of the Rio Grande for 120 years. The first chapter formed at the Cathedral only 11 years after the founding of the Order. Nearly 40 Daughters gathered at Good Shepherd Church in Silver City to celebrate that history and look forward to the future during their Assembly on August 5-6.

The weekend started with a Justice and Mission Tea, fashioned after the workshop at Triennial in 2015 given by the Rev. Becca Stevens. We brewed tea for one another and shared our stories. Throughout the rest of the weekend Daughters looked at their history in the Diocese as a way to use our stories to evangelize for the future. The Rev. Jan Hosea, Diocesan Chaplain, led the group in a discussion of evangelism. Each attendee developed an ‘elevator speech’ to explain what their cross and lives as Daughters mean to their faith walk. 
New Diocesan Treasurer, Barbara Weaver, was elected and joins the DOK Board: Cynthia Davis, President; Cynthia Anne Ruth and Christine Courtney, Vice Presidents; Linda Brown, Secretary; Marta Gallegos, Service Chair; and Ann Merrick, Prayer Chair; who work together for the growth of the Daughters in the Diocese. Next year’s Assembly will be in Carlsbad next July. There will be a Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange at the Bosque Center on December 17.
Watch for a link to the PowerPoint presentation of Assembly, coming soon.