September 22, 2017

Building a Path to Walk HIS Way: Preparing for Triennial 2018

Even if you aren't planning to attend Triennial in Austin next June 20-24, you can participate in praying and preparing for it by making a 'brick'! Simply follow the directions below and be part of the Mission Trail to Triennial.

"In 2018, as the Daughters of the King gather in community at the Renaissance, we will extend that mission trail to Austin, Texas. Daughters from around the world are invited to attend our National Convention, Triennial 2018, at "Mission" Renaissance. In preparation for that gathering, we will build a Way, brick by brick, to arrive at the site of our mission.
Each chapter and each diocesan, provincial, and country assembly are invited to create a "brick" to pave the Way. Each brick is to have inscribed on it a verse relating to evangelism. The brick may be an actual brick or it may be constructed of cardboard, paper, clay or other material on which to write or mount the scripture. See above for an example. The chapter or assembly is then to take a photo of the brick and of the group contributing the brick and email it to
 Coming from all compass points to build the Way, international Daughters and U.S. Daughters will construct a path for us to traverse to Mission Renaissance, the site of our Co-Missioning, and a way for us to return as Missionaries. To accomplish this, we will establish a schedule for each country and the assemblies and chapters therein to create a brick. The first assemblies are Hawaii and Southeast Florida, followed shortly by India and Southwest Florida. Please check the national website or with your provincial leaders to determine when your assembly is scheduled to contribute your bricks.
The brick each group creates will be added to all the other bricks to pave the Way through the assemblies until we reach Austin in June 2018. The verses will be viewable on the national website as the individual bricks form the path. The group photos will be displayed at Triennial.
We look forward to joining you on the brick road to Triennial 2018.
Triennial Committee" (from CrossLinks September 2017)

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